Coconutty 12ml - LDE2128



A mouth-watering milk chocolate hue infused with subtle gold shimmer for a delicately glamorous look.

Flammable icon - Flammable. Postal Restrictions Apply.

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Ensure nail tips are smooth and even and the nails are clean, dry andfree from any oily residue. Apply a base coat to the nail and allow todry.

The Leighton Denny base coat, UNDERCOVER, dries matt to helpgrip nail colour and tell you that it is time to apply the nail colour.Roll the colour bottle between the hands to mix it up; never shake itas this can cause air bubbles.

Apply two thin coats over the basecoat rather than one thick coat. This helps reduce chipping and extendwear time. Wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle so itholds just enough to cover one nail. Present the brush to the nail about2 mm away from the cuticle then push the brush towards the cuticlebefore making the usual sweep back towards the tip.

Ideally,finish with CRYSTAL FINISH topcoat to help seal the colour and againextend wear time. Tidy any mistakes with the PRECISION CORRECTOR LIQUID.Dip the brush into the bottle then use the brush like an eraser toremove and tidy.

For the fastest finish, drip a little MIRACLE DROPS over the polish to speed up drying time.

Price (inc vat): £11.00

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